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Grish Art proudly collaborated with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust and Berkshire Healthcare Trust to bring to life the Target 4 Health Promotion Game Collection, a series of physical board games designed to revolutionise health education for individuals with learning disabilities. Grish Art crafted a visually compelling and inclusive experience for the board games. Our team meticulously designed the imagery that envelops each game, ensuring it resonates with the diverse audience it aims to serve. Through vibrant colors, engaging illustrations, and thoughtfully created visuals, the physical board games become immersive experiences.

At the heart of this initiative is ZIP, a character designed by Grish Art to be the friendly guide and companion throughout the learning journey. ZIP adds a personal touch to the board games, creating a connection with players and making the educational experience more relatable. Through ZIP, participants not only learn about health but also build a bond with a character who embodies the essence of empowerment and knowledge.

Grish Art brought the Learning Disability Health Promotion Collection from concept to reality. We ensured that the games were not only visually stunning but also tactile and durable. The attention to detail in the production process was a crucial element in making these board games accessible and engaging for individuals with learning disabilities. The marriage of thoughtful design, the introduction of ZIP, and meticulous production processes has resulted in board games that go beyond the surface. Grish Art‘s contribution ensures that the games act as catalysts for meaningful conversations. The visual elements and character design facilitate a connection between participants, ZIP, and the important health topics being discussed.

Grish Art is not just a collaborator; we are passionate advocates for empowering communities through art and innovation. The Target 4 Games stand as a testament to the impact that thoughtful design and production can have on health education. We believe in the potential of art to transform learning experiences and empower individuals with the knowledge they need to lead healthier lives. Grish Art celebrates the success stories of participants who, through engaging with these customised board games, have not only gained valuable health insights but have also experienced a sense of agency and empowerment.

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