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Emotional First Aid training pack - NHS

At Grish Art, we are honoured to be a preferred supplier for the NHS, fostering a deep and enduring partnership with the Solent NHS Trust. This collaboration, which first ignited in 2008, evolved into a remarkable journey of creativity and compassion. It all began with a single brochure design, crafted with the intent to offer support to those grappling with feelings of anxiety.

Our journey commenced with the ‘Discovery Guide to Anxiety,’ a booklet that sought to provide solace and guidance. Every page of this booklet was a canvas of care, featuring bespoke photographic still life backdrops, thoughtfully reflecting the content within. To add a touch of artistry and uniqueness, our in-house artists meticulously hand-drew illustrations and artwork, which graced the booklet’s pages. What started as a humble brochure design soon blossomed into a national resource, disseminated to schools, youth groups, and parents, forming a vital pillar of the larger Emotional First Aid (EFA) project.

Over the years, Grish Art‘s creative touch expanded to encompass the design and printing of bespoke training packs, each a holistic toolkit containing journals, handbooks, and even merchandise, all thoughtfully packaged within printed pizza boxes. These comprehensive training packs were indispensable for those enrolling in the numerous courses aimed at addressing mental health issues in young people and children.

Beyond design, Grish Art‘s commitment extended to the entire production process. We undertook the storage and national as well as international distribution of these life-changing Emotional First Aid training packs. This enduring relationship with the EFA team and the Trust has been a source of immense pride for us at Grish Art. It reflects our unwavering dedication to promoting emotional well-being and serving as a creative catalyst for meaningful change.

Displayed below is the comprehensive range of work Grish Art has designed and produced for the NHS Solent Trust Emotional First Aid project:

Peer EFA Handbook
Emotional First Aid Website
Primary EFA Personal Journal
EFA Pizza Box Training Pack
EFA Course Handbooks
ME & U DVD and Booklet
Young People’s EFA Course Handbook
EFA Pull Up Banners
Emotional First Aid Website
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