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RIBA ROCKS - Riu d'art

At Grish Art, we believe that creativity knows no bounds and should always be in harmony with the world around us. This principle lies at the heart of our partnership with Riba Rocks, a vibrant cultural association that shares our passion for art, music, and the preservation of our planet. Our journey with Riba Rocks isn’t just about design, print, and web work; it’s a collaborative odyssey that embodies sustainability, innovation, and a deep appreciation for culture. Our partnership with Riba Rocks began as a creative spark, igniting in tandem with the association’s mission to celebrate art, music, and cultural diversity. What started as a shared vision in 2013 has since grown into a thriving working relationship, characterised by mutual respect and a shared commitment to sustainable practices.

At Grish Art, sustainability is not merely a buzzword; it’s a way of life. With Riba Rocks, we saw an opportunity to weave sustainability into the fabric of every project we undertook together. From the design and production of event posters using recycled materials to the development of a user-friendly, eco-conscious website, our collaboration exemplifies our joint commitment to reducing our environmental footprint while celebrating creativity. Our partnership with Riba Rocks extends beyond the design board. We actively participate in and support their events, from art exhibitions to music festivals, infusing them with our passion and creativity. We’re not just vendors; we’re dedicated enthusiasts who understand the profound impact that art, music, and culture have on society.

Through our partnership with Riba Rocks, we’ve achieved more than just creative milestones. Together, we’ve crafted memorable experiences for audiences, promoted sustainability as a core value, and championed the importance of culture in our lives. Our case study stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values, showcasing the tangible results of our combined efforts. Grish Art is proud to be more than just a design and web company; we are artists, culture enthusiasts, and sustainability advocates. Our enduring partnership with Riba Rocks reflects our unwavering commitment to nurturing creativity, supporting cultural endeavours, and making the world a better place, one project at a time.

Displayed below is the comprehensive range of work Grish Art has designed and produced for the not-for-profit Cultural Association Riba Rocks:

Riba Rocks Website
Riba Rocks Festival
Volunteer Crew
Festival Line Up Poster
Festival Wristbands and Merchandise
Olive Oil Label Design
Riba Rocks Website
Reusable Cup
Riu d’art Open Air Gallery Logo
Merchandise Design
Sustainability Award
Riu d’art T-Shirt Design
Riba Rocks Music Festival
Riba Rocks Official Logo
Riba Rocks Website
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