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Unveiling ‘Upon Reflection 2020’

Unveiling ‘Upon Reflection 2020’

A Creative Collaboration with Sarah Misselbrook

Grish Art is delighted to announce a captivating new addition to the world of contemporary art: ‘Upon Reflection 2020,’ an artist book by Sarah Misselbrook. This project marks a harmonious union of creativity and design, as Grish Art took on the role of design and publishing to bring Sarah’s vision to life in a stunning printed format.

‘Upon Reflection 2020’ is more than just an artist book; it’s a profound journey through the eyes of the artist. Sarah Misselbrook’s work is a testament to her ability to capture moments of introspection and reflection in a rapidly changing world. Each page of this book is a canvas of emotions, thoughts, and artistic expression.

Grish Art embarked on the creative journey of translating Sarah’s artwork into a cohesive and visually engaging book. Our design team carefully curated the layout, color schemes, and typography to ensure that every page does justice to Sarah’s pieces. The result is a book that not only showcases the artwork but also enhances the viewer’s connection with it.

Grish Art is immensely proud to have been part of this artistic journey with Sarah Misselbrook. Our collaboration with Sarah reflects our commitment to celebrating and promoting the work of artists. We believe in the power of art to inspire, provoke thought, and connect people across boundaries.

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